Jypsys Junk is a fashion accessories company, a lifestyle brand created to represent fashionably stylish woman from all walks of life.

  • Quarter Moon Minis

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    Quarter Moon Minis
  • Jypsys Arc Earrings

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    Jypsys Arc Earrings
  • Fabric Circles

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    Fabric Circles
  • Stitch Diamond Earrings

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    Stitch Diamond Earrings

Style It

We love the opportunity to keep you all entertained and inspired with stylish and trendy ways to wear our products, so we work hard to keep our lookbooks current and in season. Check out the latest!

  • ME

    My name is LaMonica, I live in Brooklyn, NY and like a majority of my clients I am a Black Women, a Mother and I love fashion! I grew up in Kansas City, MO, I've been a maker all my life mainly because of my lifelong love for fashion. I also love to dance, Caribbean music and I still LOVE a good issue of Teen Vogue Magazine!


    My inspiration has changed over the years. It used to be things and materials but now its Black Women and the lifestyle we are claiming for ourselves. Seeing Black Women show up fashionably loud and free in a world that has always tried to speak for us, paint a picture of us and tell our story for us is the most powerful thing I've ever been apart of, thank you Lord!


    I now work out of my Brooklyn apartment. I occupied a studio for a little over a year but decided I no longer wanted the expense plus my studio did'nt have any windows. There are lots of different components to running a online business and natural lighting is a major one, not just for creating content but for overall MOOD! My home studio is very well light with natural light and all the things that I need to create. GOD is good to me.....

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